Notice for Social Care Work Students

16 February 2021

CORU is Ireland's multi-profession health and social care regulator. Its role is to protect the public by regulating the health and social care professions designated under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended). Entry to the Register with CORU allows health and social care professionals to practise in Ireland meeting their statutory regulation requirements. Professionals benefit from protection of their professional title and are supported through a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics while service users can have confidence in knowing that a professional’s standing and qualifications have been independently verified.

Unlike other health regulators in Ireland, CORU does not have any post-registration provisions to limit scope of practice to compensate for training deficits, or make up for any shortfalls in pre-registration education and training. It is therefore critical to the protection of the public that CORU’s education and training requirements are met. They ensure that graduates completing an approved programme are safe to practise and can operate as an autonomous practitioner.

CORU is aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for some educators delivering CORU approved education programmes, or programmes which have been submitted to CORU for approval.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been in regular contact with all education providers to advise them that they have flexibility in how they ensure their students meet the standards of proficiency relevant to their profession.  Many educators have adapted to the situation arising and the majority of students in CORU approved courses have been facilitated by their educator in either attaining the required placements hours or are being facilitated with appropriate alternatives.

As Higher Education Institutions are autonomous, and as such are academically independent and are entitled to regulate their own academic affairs and administrative processes, including in relation to placement arrangements, and as there are a wide range of courses with work placement options, students are encouraged to approach their institutions directly if they have any queries in relation to their work placements.

CORU has no say in how educators chose to deliver their course content, students will need to raise this issue with the programme director of their course.