Registration Update

Issued 20 March 2020

Advice for Redeployed registered Health and Social Care Professionals from CORU

We know that many existing regulated professions will be asked to be redeployed. Our advice to you is that:

Once you are registered, you will be required to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for your profession.

In particular, it is important to note Section 9 of the Code whereby a Registrant must:

Act within the limits of their knowledge, skills, competence and experience

Appendix A of the Code may also be of assistance and is entitled “Suggested procedure for decision making”

However, in an emergency scenario, such as COVID-19, we recognise that this might not always be possible. CORU’s Code of Professional Standards needs to be heeded - what is and is not appropriate will depend on the full circumstances of an individual’s practice. We recognise that working in a pandemic may give rise to particular challenges that are uncommon in your everyday practise. We would still expect you to use your professional judgement to assess what is safe and effective practise in the context in which you are working during the pandemic.

We thank all of our registrants for your dedication and work during these difficult times.

Former CORU Registrants who wish to be re-registered

The executive at CORU has been working with the Department of Health to amend emergency legislation to assist in the efforts to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19 in our country.

We are examining the introduction of a fast track system for former registrants who have signed up to the On Call HSE and wish to return to their professional register.

We are suggesting that you contact to be kept up to date on developments.

Issued 13 March 2020

Notice to Registration Applicants

CORU applicants for registration are required to submit all supporting documents electronically until further notice

This measure is required to support progression and timely processing of applications for registration during a time when office closure is a possibility as a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Please note:

If you have already submitted your supporting documents to CORU prior to 12 March 2020, please do not submit them again. This notification is for any outstanding documents that you have not yet submitted.

If you have not yet applied online:

  1. You must submit an online application first before submitting your documents. (Apply Online)
  2. When you apply online you will download the required forms and a checklist (cover page) for the documentation. There is also a guidance document to assist you.
  3. We require the supporting documents to be scanned and submitted by email in PDF format only. 
  4. Copies of certain supporting documents must still be certified as a true copy of the original before submitting by email. The documents requiring certification are listed on the cover page that you downloaded when you apply online.

If you are an existing applicant and you have received communication from the Registration team in relation to an outstanding document, please provide only that document, you are not required to submit all your documentation again. 

The required documents should be sent to including your application number followed by your full name in the subject line.