CORU hosts Social Care Workers Employer Information Event

The Social Care Workers Registration Board was established in March 2015. From its establishment the Board recognised the significant scope of work to be undertaken in order to open its register. Unlike other professions regulated by CORU to date, social care workers had not been subject to external regulation to date. As a result, the Board was required to undertake the necessary foundational work to implement statutory regulation for social care workers. The importance of this preparatory work is essential to set the correct standards and assure protection of the public. Further information on the progress of the Board is available here.

As part of this preparatory work, CORU facilitated the first information event for employers of social care workers on Friday 19 July. The event, held in the Ashling Hotel, comprised of two information sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The purpose/aim of this event was to provide employers with:

  • An overview of CORU and the statutory regulation of social care workers
  • An update from the Social Care Workers Registration Board
  • Information on the pre-registration education programme approval process, and
  • Information on the registration process for social care workers.

Approximately 100 employers attended the information event, providing representation from a broad range of social care providers/services. The event was an opportunity for employers to ask questions regarding the timeline for opening of the social care workers register, as well as the transitional (grandparenting) provisions to register for existing practitioners under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act (2005, as amended).

The presentation from the Social Care Workers Employers event is available to view here.

Due to the high demand for places to attend on 19 July, CORU will host an additional employers’ information event later this year.

Details of the additional date for employers to attend this information event will be made available on the CORU website ( shortly.