CORU Registration Boards Open Public Consultations

The Optical Registration Board and Social Workers Registration Board have opened public consultations on bye-laws relevant to their respective professions

October 2 2019 
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Appointments to Council and Registration Boards - July to September 2019

A number of new appointments to Council and Registration Boards were made by the Minister of Health between July and September 2019

October 1 2019 
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CORU Registration Statistics - September 2019

CORU has published its registration statistics for September 2019

September 20 2019 
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Bernard McCartan re-appointed as Chairperson of Council

Bernard McCartan has been re-appointed as Chairperson of the Health as Social Care Professionals Council by the Minister for Health

August 19 2019 
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CORU hosts Social Care Workers Employer Information Event

CORU hosted an event on Friday 19 July for employers of social care workers to give information on the statutory regulation of the profession

August 14 2019 
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