Employer Responsibilities for Social Care Workers

Applicants wishing to make an application to join CORU's Social Care Workers Register are required to provide evidence of engagement in the practice of the profession for a minimum of two years out of five on the date of their application. In this instance, an employer may be requested by an applicant to complete a Proof of Professional Employment Form.

An employer may also be requested by an applicant to provide an opinion attesting to their competence to practise in the profession if they do not have a relevant qualification as approved by the Social Care Workers Registration Board. This is called Employer Opinion of Competence Form and can be found below in the Related Files section. Please note, an employer is not required to provide their opinion of competence. An applicant who does not hold a relevant qualification may also undertake an Assessment of Professional Competence (AoPC) as a route to register with CORU instead.