Recognition Timelines

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not post any documentation to the office. Please email all documentation

Applicants should be aware that the recognition process can take some time.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of an application therefore applicants are strongly advised not to make travel or other arrangements (e.g. start a job) which depend upon their qualification being recognised by a Registration Board at CORU. 

Applicants who make travel, work or other arrangements before knowing the outcome of their application do so at their own risk.

If your qualification is recognised you must then apply for registration which will be a separate process.

On receipt of your application: 
Within 7 days:          

CORU will issue an acknowledgement in writing to confirm that your application has been received. If you do not hear anything within 7 days please contact us at

Within 1 month (of receipt of application):

CORU will issue you with notification in writing to confirm:

  1. your application is complete or;
  2. your application is missing documentation required for assessment 
Within 4 months (file complete confirmation): 

Following notification from CORU advising you that your file is considered complete, CORU will issue you with notification in writing of a decision by the Registration Board within 4 months of your application being considered complete. However, please note that we endeavour to process and assess applications more quickly and timely submission of required information greatly assists in achieving a shorter timeframe. This decision will be one of the following:

  • They can recognise the professional qualification;
  • They can refuse to recognise the professional qualification or;
  • They can decide that there is a deficit in the professional qualification meeting some of the essential criteria and offer a compensation measure.

Processing your application 

Stage 1:        

Within one month of receipt your application CORU will go through a process to check for missing information and documentation. CORU will also carry out verification checks on the information you have provided. You will receive a notification from us within this month that your file is complete or a request for any missing information required at this stage.  Missing information will cause delays in your application being processed.

Stage 2:        

When your application is considered complete it will move to the assessment stage. During this stage the Registration Board will consider all the information that you have provided to assess your professional qualification for recognition.

Applications for recognition are measured against the standards of proficiency for the profession, the standards required of graduates from an Irish approved program for entry to the Register. The standards of proficiency are listed here. The standards of proficiency are the threshold standards required for practise and are the knowledge, skills, competencies and professional attributes required for all entrants to the Register. The assessment process will identify if any substantial differences (deficits) exist between your qualification and these standards. If deficits are identified the Registration Board will look at any additional information you have provided in your application i.e. relevant additional training and/ or relevant post qualifying work experience to see if these deficits can be addressed. If deficits remain compensation measures may apply, the choice of an aptitude test or a period of adaptation (supervised practise).

It is very important that you provide sufficient and submit complete information in your application.

Stage 3:         

On completion of stage two the Registration Board for your profession will make a formal decision on your application and issue a decision in writing to you. Stage two and three of the process can take up to four months following notification from CORU to advise you application is considered complete. CORU endeavours to process applications as quickly as possible and most applications do not take this time frame if the information submitted by the applicant is complete and provides enough clarity to facilitate the assessment process.