What is Registration?


The purpose of statutory registration is to protect the public.


The following health and social care professions are included in our legislation for registration.

Clinical BiochemistsPhysiotherapists / Physical Therapists
Medical ScientistsRadiographers and Radiation Therapists
Occupational TherapistsSocial Care Workers
OrthoptistsSocial Workers
OptometristsDispensing Opticians
Podiatrists/ChiropodistsSpeech and Language Therapists

CORU will establish and maintain a register for each of the professions that fall under its remit. Each member of these professions will be required to register with CORU when its respective register is open.
Benefits to the Profession:
  • If you are registered with CORU you can legally use the title of your profession

  • Members of the public will now have greater confidence in your profession. They will know that your professional standing and qualifications have been independently verified

  • You will be supported in your work through a code of professional conduct and ethics which is developed in consultation with the professions

  • It also protects the reputation of the professions by having a formal disciplinary procedure for dealing with professionals who do not meet the standards expected of them.

Benefits to the Public:
Registration protects the public by:

  • providing health and social care professionals with a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics that includes the standards of performance expected of them as they practise their profession;
  • requiring educational bodies to deliver qualifications that prepare professionals to provide safe and appropriate care;
  • requiring registered professionals to undertake continuing professional development so that they keep their skills up to date;
  • allowing the publishing of a Register of names of those professionals who meet the specified standards; and
  • allowing the running of Fitness to Practise hearings, if necessary, into the conduct and competence of a registrant, after a complaint is made.
Check the Register

You can check the Register for a profession to see if a particular professional is registered with CORU.

You will need to know the profession of the person you wish to check so you can search the correct register. You will also need either the name or the registration number of the person you are looking for.