Fit and Proper

By law, before your name can be entered on the Register for your profession, you must satisfy the Registration Board that you are a fit and proper person to engage in the practice of the profession. This means that you have the skills, knowledge, character and health to practise safely and effectively.

In the process of applying online for registration you will answer a series of questions, including questions on your health and character, that will assist the Registration Board in determining that you are fit and proper. The questions are available here. 

The Statutory Declaration Form which you will complete at the end of the process will also be considered by the Registration Board. The Board will consider any answers/explanations/additional information provided by you when assessing your application.

If you have a physical or mental health condition that may affect the practice of your profession you must give full details. This does not necessarily make you ineligible for registration but is an opportunity for you to demonstrate how you manage your health issues, and how this enables you to provide a safe service to service users.

However, failure to give us relevant and accurate information will affect your application for registration.

For more information, please see our Fit and Proper FAQ's.